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California Fair Tax Campaign

The richest Californians doubled their share of the State's income in the last 20 years but pay lower tax rates than they did in the 1990s. Corporations exploit loopholes to lower their tax rate from 8.85% to an effective rate of below 5%. Meanwhile, California is at or headed toward the bottom in maintaining critical infrastructure and services.

We need to go where the money is and put it to work for California. We must raise taxes on those who have prospered and who can most afford to invest in our state.

There is only one way to break the Republican roadblock and put California on the path toward the future we want and need. We must put a Fair Tax measure on the November 6, 2012 ballot.

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I support a California Fair Tax initiative for the November 6, 2012 ballot. California needs more revenue to prosper in the 21st century. We must restore funding for K-12 schools, higher education, public safety, public health services and parks. Those who have the resources should pay their fair share.




A Fair Tax initiative will be on the November 6, 2012 ballot.
Build your tool kit to fire up supporters, line up allies and challenge the opposition
It's not too soon to hone our skills at Talking Taxes to friends, neighbors, family and organizations in our communities. Polls show Californians support this tax, but the opposition will do everything in their power to confuse voters. We need to get ready for the fight now.


Assembly Bill 1130 (Skinner) would raise taxes by 1% on the top 1% of income in California. This Bill is working in partnership with the California Fair Tax Campaign, to make sure the revenue issue receives attention in Sacramento as we proceed with a ballot initiative. Fix California sent letters to members of the Revenue and Tax Committee prior to May 9, when AB 1130 was first scheduled for a vote. The Committee defered action on May 9, and put AB 1130 on the Agenda for Monday May 16, when it passed. Here's the vote result:

Vote: Asm Revenue and Taxation Committee

Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

Ayes: 5
Noes: 3
Abstain: 1
Jim Beall D
Charles Calderon D
Felipe Fuentes D
Richard Gordon D
Henry Perea D
Tim Donnelly R
Diane Harkey R
Brian Nestande R
Gilbert Cedillo D




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